Friday, 13 March 2015

Brow Ziiiiings

Hey guys, so a couple of girls have been asking for a review of the Benefit BrowZings ♥ Does anyone else love the names of Benefit's products? They always sound fun.
Right beforehand; My eyebrows are my weakness! I have this friend who is crazy about eyebrows (she thinks that they are super important and I agree)....and sometimes I wonder why she does still look at me. They do look messy sometimes!


Anyway, I thought it was time to tacke this issue, so I did a bit of research (I love calling beauty-search on Google "research") and voilá.

You can get BrowZings for around 35 € pretty much anywhere where they sell Benefit cosmetics. It contains 4,35 g of product and comes with two brushes and tweezers.

There's even a little manual included. ♪

With a little bit of product ♥

stray hair I know... :/

The cons

  • powder is a tiny bit too light for me (but that's my fault I guess)
  • tweezers are way too sharp. 

The pros:♥♥♥♥

  • The Brushes are really good and come in handy as they fit in the case.
  • The products will, so it seems, go a long way because you only need a little of it
  • The brows really stay like this all day (->because of the wax)
  • Easy to carry around, solid case, comes with everything you need.
To sum up: I think this product is pretty amazing ♥ Even someone like me can make their eyebrows look okay with it despite of having zero skill at all when it comes to that. 

What do you think? Worth the money? ♥ Are eyebrows important to you?


  1. Lovely kit, I just need it!

  2. Eine tolle Review, sehr umfassend und super beschrieben!
    Hab einen wundervollen Tag!

  3. Hi Keki, this post reminds me of a FB share I came across yesterday. It clearly shows the importance of eyebrows:

    My eyebrows woe is that I have too much of them with fine strays growing up to the lids and it is very difficult to tweeze them out when there are so many and so fine yet visible enough to irk me.

    My good friend is working in Benefit and it is a fun environment with really long working hours though. I agree on their names. Always so punny.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  4. Ich liiiebe dieses Augenbrauen-Set von Benefit! Schöne Fotos!

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

  5. Sehr schöne Review!
    Ich finde das Ergebnis sieht wirklich super aus :)

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Super Review! Ich finde, dass es absolut dazu gehört sich die Augenbrauen zu schminken, auch wenn das so manch einer nicht für wichtig hält!

  7. I follow you via gfc #47, follow back? :)

  8. omg I love it ;_; I need it! thanks for the tutorial

  9. I don't think it's too light for you, then again, I don't like dark eyebrows. Actually eyebrows are the part of my body that I care about the least :)

    Bella Pummarola

  10. I feel that the powder looks very natural on you! :)

  11. First of all: Thank you for all your gorgeous comments lovely!
    And OMG I am super jealous that you have this products! I have been eyeing it up for months now but just cannot get myself to spend that money on a brow product. Elf is supposed to have a dupe but you can only get it in America! So I am staying true to my Catrice Brow Kit, which does the trick. But the BrowZings (obsessed with the names just as you are) is the dream! You look gorgeous!

    Lots of love,

  12. Ich persönlich finde das Thema Augenbrauen auch suuuuper wichtig (aber eher an mir selber, bei anderen stört es mich nicht so)! Ich hab von Natur aus eher buschige, dichte Augenbrauen und ich fühle mich immer mega mega, wirklich ganz schlimm ungepflegt, wenn sie mal nicht gezupft sind. XD Dafür bleiben sie aber die meiste Zeit gut in Form und ich muss wenn überhaupt nur mal ein bisschen Farbe rein bringen oder verdichten, wenn sie mir nicht "bold" genug sind. Dafür reicht mir dann auch ein einfacher brauner Kajal (ja, alle beauty-Gurus dürfen mich steinigen XD), aber ich bin ja eh nicht so der Typ für Marken-Produkte und Schischi.
    Nichtsdestotrotz ein schöner Post und ich hoffe du hast noch viel Freude mit dem Kit! ^^

  13. Hallo Kerstin!
    Für meinen Geschmack ist es nicht zu hell für dich. Du hast ein tolles Ergebnis bekommen, und alles sehr gut erklärt.
    Alles Liebe!


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