Monday, 9 March 2015

First Photoshooting - Experiences, Photos, le boyfriend

Hi everyboday, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had a photoshooting which was part of his Christmas present for me. (We wanted to wait until the weather was better ♥ However, on that particular day it still wasn't that good. In fact, I was freazing!) Thanks again ♥ I love you.

Here's how it went: We met up with Vanessa,a photographer and also a friend of his. Vanessa, if you are reading this: Thanks again, it was so much fun. ♥ It was set on a Sunday - the perfect day to take pictures - in the 'Herrenhäuser Gärten' in Hannover. It's a special kind of garden area which used to be owned by the British royals. (It's this whole history thing, y'know, a Hanoverian Prince being king for a short period of time in the UK because they were in desperate need of some German efficency! Just kidding, they needed a Protestant king I think ;D). It's beautiful there.
The shooting took around two hours, including all the walking-around and changing outfits. The latter, by the way, was such a challenge because there were so many people going for walks and jogging ;D

Would you like to see some results? There you go.  Don't we all sometimes wish to be a amazing Victoria's Secret Angels and GET paid for photoshootings? Well...

That wind came in just right :))

"Go, do something with your hair", she said.

I'm having a bit of an 'awkwaard' smile there but I somehow like it.

The last picture is my favourite of all time. It just 'happened' (it was not staged) and my smile looks so natural because, well, it was a natural smile. :) We plan on having this picture hanging in our flat when we move in together (which still won't be soon). ♥

How do you like these pictures? Have you ever been given a photoshoot, for example as a birthday gift? ♥ How did you feel when photos were taken of you?


  1. Die Bilder sind unglaublich.
    So schön und harmonierend ! Wirklich toll.

  2. die bilder sind atemberaubend schön geworden
    ihr seid ein tolles paar, und passt so gut zusammen
    und seid wirklich fotogen

    Hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei <3

  3. Wirklich super schoene Bilder! Ihr und die Fotografin habt einen 1A Job gemacht ♥
    Ich finde das letzte am Besten, so viel Natuerlichkeit und mit das schwarz-weiss verleiht dem noch etwas klassisches!

  4. Wundervolle Bilder, da wurde die Stimmung ganz toll eingefangen!
    Ich liebe solche Partnerbilder <3
    Toller Blog :)
    Liebst, Colli von TOBEYOUTIFUL

  5. oh die bilder sind ein traum geworden, wirklich wunderschön!
    liebste gruesse!

  6. aww, ihr seht so toll aus zusammen. grossartiges ergebnis

  7. Hello Keki, OH MY! These photos are beautiful! I know I've said i on Instagram but I have more praises here with more photos to admire. I love the sunset tone of these photos. They look almost like an autumn editorial spread though I know it is winter there right now. You and your boy are so beautiful! What a cute couple and you're right, the black and white photo looks so natural and beautiful. You 2 are like models coupled with wind in your hair. Hehe...

    Glad to know that you'll be blogging more regularly now!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  8. du bist so wunderschön *__* ihr passt perfekt zusammen!

  9. Wunderschöne Fotos von euch Zweien!
    Ja du hast Recht, das letzte ist wirklich der Hammer =)

    Viele liebe Grüße

  10. Die Bilder sind echt schön.
    Das Letzte ist wirklich toll!
    LG Thi

  11. Die Bilder von euch beiden sind wirklich wundervoll!!

  12. Aw wie schön die Bilder geworden sind!
    Das letzte ist auch mein Favorit :)
    xx Lia

  13. Ohhwaaahhhng, ich finde die Bilder von euch (und dir) so unglaublich schön! Ich könnte mich gar nicht entscheiden, welches mein Lieblingsbild ist! ;_; Ihr habt das echt gut gemacht. <3

    Du weißt ja, dass ich auch ab und an Fotos von mir machen lasse. ;) Ich persönlich finde es für mich aber immer noch schwierig, natürlich vor der Kamera zu sein, weil ich irgendwie jedes Mal noch total angespannt und awkward bin. XD Dabei finde ich natürlich wirkende Bilder eigentlich immer am schönsten.

  14. Die Bilder sind wunderschön!
    Liebe Grüße, Janina


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