Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Long Distance ....Friendship ♥

Hey everybody, it's been a while, hasn't it? I am quite busy these days but then again aren't we all? A very good friend of mine recently came back from the U.S. where she spent 3 months and as you know I visited my friends in Scotland around Easter. These are just two examples of friendships that 'survived' time and space :)
You might also have that one friend that is currently abroad or it's you who is spending some time in a foreign country just know - maybe as an au-pair or as part of an internship.

Everyone keeps talking about relationships and then refers to lovers. There's a million of google hits when you type in 'tips for long-distance relationship'. The funny thing is: Friendships are relationships too.
From my experience I know that it is much harder to remain close to your friends when you or they live eleswhere, but we need to take care of friendships, too. This is why I have compiled a little list with some things you can try when some friends of yours are truly important to you and can't see them weekly anymore. ♥
Enjoy ♥

  1. Create memories. Now, that goes for every friendship but it's particularly important when you cannot meet up often. You can plan a trip to a town both of you haven't been to yet, make a movie together...whatever comes to your mind as long as it is unique.
  2. Talk. That's a tricky one because especially when abroad we are always super busy. However, that one voice message on whatsapp you leave for your friend after having breakfast in the morning might make them really happy. Small text messages, just some 'hey, what's up?' also do take little time. Just keep in mind that you won't text every single second of your day like you may have in school. It's okay to not hear from each other for a while! 
  3. Take photos and hang them in your room or put them in your calendar :) This is a personal reminder because I always take lots of  photos and then forget to print them out.
  4. Be a good listener. Whether it's you or your friend that lives in a foreign country. Sometimes you cannot talk face-to-face but still you notice that your friend's messages do not sound too happy. Instead of the casual 'hey, how's it going?' ask meaningful questions like 'how do you feel at your new place? How are your colleagues like?' Don't be too direct though.
  5. It's the small things that count. Be it a Christmas Card or some sweets as a reminder of home (and vice-versa! When you are, say in England, send your friends some sweets! They'll love them!)... don't go crazy with long telephone calls, endless text messages or super expensive gifts. 
From my experience I can tell that I always notice who my real friends are when we all of a sudden cannot talk daily anymore. However, when we meet again, I get that cheesy 'feels like yesterday'-feeling. Do you know what I mean? This is why I think that friendship is not based on quantity but quality. Time and space do not matter ♪♥

Love, Kerstin

Monday, 13 April 2015

4 Things that are NOT FUN to buy

Hi everyone, last year around this time I was super motivated to start the new semester at uni. This time though...^^" I could easily do with another week of holidays. However, I still enjoyed Easter. I was in Scotland-> visiting friends back from university there. I also went to Braunschweig and spent some days with Mira as you know (click). Then I visited Julia in Bremen -> And we talked about something quite funny!
I bet everyone can come up with one or two things that they hate buying when it comes to clothes (I mean, I am not even going to mention buying toilet paper and other random stuff ;D Just clothes).

Here's my TOP 4 List of Things that are NOT FUN to buy. 

4. Socks. I personally find it rather annoying to buy socks because most of my black and white socks just magically disappear. (And no, they are not in the washing machine ;D) Still, when shopping for cute socks,

it's kind of okay.

3. Bikinis. Uuuugh. Need I say more?

2. Trousers, particularly jeans. I am lucky to have found a label I can trust when it comes to Jeans... (Scandinavian CUBUS. Click. The Jeans are reasonably priced but they get quite lose after a year or so) But usually trying on Jeans instanstly makes me want to go on a diet.

1. Belts. Or 'a belt' as in my case. I'm 21 now and so far I've owned one single belt which my boyfriend got me as a birthday gift. This one is lovely but as it is white and gold, I figured I needed another more 'daily' one. To me, nothing screams BORING more than belts.

The funny thing is, after I had told Julia that I needed another belt but that I did not want to buy one because it's not fun, I went to Liebeskind right the day after :D I got myself this one for 19,95€.

It's quite nice, don't you think? However, I had to really force myself and go there :D
It's this one in case you are interested in purchasing it. (click).

What's your top 4 (or 3 or....) of things you do not consider 'fun' to buy? Do you also want to go on a diet after trying on the 30th pair of unflattering jeans?

Let me know ♥

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Shopping with Mira//Outfits ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are all fine and looking forward to Easter (and sweets...lots of sweets ♥). I spent the last three days with my friend Mira from university. Each semester, we get a free ticket which we can use to travel around in the North of Germany. The other day, we both realised that we have not taken advantage of this yet so we decided to take a trip to Braunschweig on Tuesday. We spent the other days chatting, eating sweets and being girls ;) We were also thinking of going to Oldenburg or Hamburg but at the end we were quite happy that we chose Braunschweig because many trains got cancelled because of bad weather conditions. (Luckily, we managed to catch one after waiting for an hour or so ~).

Originally, we had planned to do much more shopping (with spring & all around the corner) but we were reeeally considerate most of the time (:DD Mira if you are reading this, I will never go try on trousers with you again!) but we bought a few nice pieces.

So here are my gets, already combined with Outfits ♥ (the stuff that is printed in bold letters)

Shirt Ann Christin 6,95€//Skirt Tally Weijl 7€//Tights Primark //Overkneesocks Calzedonia 9,95€//Boots Vagabond//Bag Louis Vuitton//Bracelets New Look&a gift

And without Overknee Socks as I am not really sure whether I would dare wearing them to uni.(Most people think they are too sexy or whatever) 

Ponytail-Love ♥

Shirt Mango//Skirt s.a./Tights Calzedonia 9,95€//Necklace Rossmann//Earrings bought in Sri Lanka//Boots s.a.

This pair of map-patterned (?) tights and the black overknees which I got both at Calzedonia made me happy the most. Especially since I had a really hard time finding black Overknees long enough for my height. (I'm 1,75m)

I really missed going shopping with a friend and we had so much fun ♥ Also, I am happy that Mira shares my passion for sweets ;D ♥ We have quite a lot in common actually. Mira, if you are reading this: So looking forward to next Semester because of you :)

So, what about you guys? Are overknee socks your thing? Or do you think they are a bit over the top? Also, where do you buy socks/tights and so on? ♥

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