Thursday, 2 April 2015

Shopping with Mira//Outfits ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are all fine and looking forward to Easter (and sweets...lots of sweets ♥). I spent the last three days with my friend Mira from university. Each semester, we get a free ticket which we can use to travel around in the North of Germany. The other day, we both realised that we have not taken advantage of this yet so we decided to take a trip to Braunschweig on Tuesday. We spent the other days chatting, eating sweets and being girls ;) We were also thinking of going to Oldenburg or Hamburg but at the end we were quite happy that we chose Braunschweig because many trains got cancelled because of bad weather conditions. (Luckily, we managed to catch one after waiting for an hour or so ~).

Originally, we had planned to do much more shopping (with spring & all around the corner) but we were reeeally considerate most of the time (:DD Mira if you are reading this, I will never go try on trousers with you again!) but we bought a few nice pieces.

So here are my gets, already combined with Outfits ♥ (the stuff that is printed in bold letters)

Shirt Ann Christin 6,95€//Skirt Tally Weijl 7€//Tights Primark //Overkneesocks Calzedonia 9,95€//Boots Vagabond//Bag Louis Vuitton//Bracelets New Look&a gift

And without Overknee Socks as I am not really sure whether I would dare wearing them to uni.(Most people think they are too sexy or whatever) 

Ponytail-Love ♥

Shirt Mango//Skirt s.a./Tights Calzedonia 9,95€//Necklace Rossmann//Earrings bought in Sri Lanka//Boots s.a.

This pair of map-patterned (?) tights and the black overknees which I got both at Calzedonia made me happy the most. Especially since I had a really hard time finding black Overknees long enough for my height. (I'm 1,75m)

I really missed going shopping with a friend and we had so much fun ♥ Also, I am happy that Mira shares my passion for sweets ;D ♥ We have quite a lot in common actually. Mira, if you are reading this: So looking forward to next Semester because of you :)

So, what about you guys? Are overknee socks your thing? Or do you think they are a bit over the top? Also, where do you buy socks/tights and so on? ♥


  1. Looks like you got some lovely things! You look amazing with a ponytail!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. Nice outfits. I especially like the tights in outfit number two.

    Greetings form Austria,

  3. Ich würde auch gerne mal wieder zum shoppen nach Hamburg oder so fahren, hab das schon eeeewig nicht mehr gemacht. ^^;
    Ich mag die beiden ersten Outfits von dir am liebsten. ♥ Overknees mag ich auch, trag sie aber auch echt nur total selten, weil man eben doch immer nur komische Blicke erntet hier. :(

  4. Ich muss unbedingt zu Cazeldonia? Omg ;_; wie toll die Strumpfhose ist und die Overknees! Gibt es das auch in Hannover? <3
    Ich liebe beideeeeeeeee Outfits total *_* richtig schön.


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