Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bonjour France

Hey everyone, it's about time to finally update this blog, especially since I have exciting news: I will be staying in France until mid June :)

This is a dream-come-true and I want to share my impressions on this blog and keep it as a diary <3

How & why: I am doing an internship as a language assistant for German and English at a local school and I live in a (really lovely) host family. Before leaving Germany, I had handed in my dissertation and I had finished all my Bachelor's courses at university. In Germany,  if you want to become a teacher for German and English, you usually have to do a 3-year undergraduate degree, but I kind of pushed myself to do it in 2,5 in order to be able to go to France. In October, I will be doing my Master's degree, just like any other student in my year, which is then to be followed by specific training for teachers. Yay. Long way to go!

As going to France is obviously not obligatory when you study English and German, everyone at university was actually kinda like: 'wtf, like, why are you going to France?' :D – You can't even study French in my home town.
Two years before, one of my friends (hi Stefania <3) went to Italy for half a year. She also did her undergraduate degree in 2,5 years. I felt inspired (haha) and I always wanted to improve my French :)) Plus what's better than living in a host family and getting insights into French culture that you wouldn't get as a tourist? Bonus points for my town's proximity to Paris and the fact that I can improve my teaching skills au collège hehe. The mean reason, however, is that I just looooove the language itself <3

Enough blabla, here are my first impressions <3

My town is called Senlis and it's very small compared to Hanover. In fact, this really collides with my shopping obsession, but Paris is not far away.
So far, I spent a nice weekend with my host family and we went to church on Sunday. On Monday, I went to school and the teachers and my tutor decided that I am basically following about 4-5 teachers around. I won't only see German and English classes but also French and History. Every Thursday, starting next week, I will have my own classes (and also on other days, but that's not decided yet).

lovely weather <3
we are tasty and omg check out those big macarons in the top right corner

the room is actually so pretty <3 the house is from 1900 :)

I am looking forward to spending some amazing months in France <3
P.S.: This little baby here is called 'Canelé', according to wikipedia a pastry, originally from Bordeaux, with "a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust." It is flavoured with rum and vanilla :)

mhh I am so yummy the picture doesn't do me justice


  1. How long will your stay in France be? I think your room is lovely and it's really inspiring to hear you going onto getting your Masters degree! I wish you the best of luck in your academia and social areas!

  2. I am so happy for you and happy that you blog again! <3


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