Friday, 13 March 2015

Brow Ziiiiings

Hey guys, so a couple of girls have been asking for a review of the Benefit BrowZings ♥ Does anyone else love the names of Benefit's products? They always sound fun.
Right beforehand; My eyebrows are my weakness! I have this friend who is crazy about eyebrows (she thinks that they are super important and I agree)....and sometimes I wonder why she does still look at me. They do look messy sometimes!


Anyway, I thought it was time to tacke this issue, so I did a bit of research (I love calling beauty-search on Google "research") and voilá.

You can get BrowZings for around 35 € pretty much anywhere where they sell Benefit cosmetics. It contains 4,35 g of product and comes with two brushes and tweezers.

There's even a little manual included. ♪

With a little bit of product ♥

stray hair I know... :/

The cons

  • powder is a tiny bit too light for me (but that's my fault I guess)
  • tweezers are way too sharp. 

The pros:♥♥♥♥

  • The Brushes are really good and come in handy as they fit in the case.
  • The products will, so it seems, go a long way because you only need a little of it
  • The brows really stay like this all day (->because of the wax)
  • Easy to carry around, solid case, comes with everything you need.
To sum up: I think this product is pretty amazing ♥ Even someone like me can make their eyebrows look okay with it despite of having zero skill at all when it comes to that. 

What do you think? Worth the money? ♥ Are eyebrows important to you?

Monday, 9 March 2015

First Photoshooting - Experiences, Photos, le boyfriend

Hi everyboday, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had a photoshooting which was part of his Christmas present for me. (We wanted to wait until the weather was better ♥ However, on that particular day it still wasn't that good. In fact, I was freazing!) Thanks again ♥ I love you.

Here's how it went: We met up with Vanessa,a photographer and also a friend of his. Vanessa, if you are reading this: Thanks again, it was so much fun. ♥ It was set on a Sunday - the perfect day to take pictures - in the 'Herrenhäuser Gärten' in Hannover. It's a special kind of garden area which used to be owned by the British royals. (It's this whole history thing, y'know, a Hanoverian Prince being king for a short period of time in the UK because they were in desperate need of some German efficency! Just kidding, they needed a Protestant king I think ;D). It's beautiful there.
The shooting took around two hours, including all the walking-around and changing outfits. The latter, by the way, was such a challenge because there were so many people going for walks and jogging ;D

Would you like to see some results? There you go.  Don't we all sometimes wish to be a amazing Victoria's Secret Angels and GET paid for photoshootings? Well...

That wind came in just right :))

"Go, do something with your hair", she said.

I'm having a bit of an 'awkwaard' smile there but I somehow like it.

The last picture is my favourite of all time. It just 'happened' (it was not staged) and my smile looks so natural because, well, it was a natural smile. :) We plan on having this picture hanging in our flat when we move in together (which still won't be soon). ♥

How do you like these pictures? Have you ever been given a photoshoot, for example as a birthday gift? ♥ How did you feel when photos were taken of you?

Friday, 6 March 2015

you got to start somewhere you know

Let's face it: I have neglected this blog over and over again. It's like my dirty little secret (Except it is not even a secret because I do tell people that I blog...But when they get excited I'm like Oh well not regularly, y' in..once every 3 months or so!). I gotta change that. I gotta change that attitute because I fell in love with blogging and reading other blogs many years ago. It's just this lazy ass that sometimes won't move.

Here's a little update on what's going on in my life.

After my holiday trip to London (Post in German here), life did not remain innocent and sweet. Exams kicked in big time this year. Each Semester I tell myself: 'Okay, I will NOT take more than 3 exams' but for stupid university-related reasons I always end up with at least five exams in one week. Argh! My results (I have not recieved all of them yet) are okay but below my expectations.

I'm working on a term paper right now.

I quit the gym and switched back to my favourite sport: Tennis :) In order to not only do Cardio (because Tennis, at least when I play, mainly IS Cardio) I plan to do some home workouts like those of the amazing, gorgeous, funny (...!!) Cassey Ho. Do you guys know her?

(bought some ribbon for better grip and so that my tennis racket looks nicer)

I still love shopping but due to exams and life I did not have that much time for it (unbelievable, isn't it?)->but here's a little treat I got myself for... well, no reason. It's the Benefit Brow Zings Set. I don't want to bore you with products details but if there is anything you like to know, just ask. Result photos will follow after I have managed handling this baby.

And this little goodie.....♥ The Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisser Lèvres (lip perfector in boring English. Anyone else thinking that French sounds so chic?)

Speaking of French: I get to speak French a lot these days because I am doing a work experience at a French Day Care (they call it "Hort" in Germany. As many German schools do not have lunch/after school activities, parents pay for it and let their children stay there) as part of my studies.

 Last but not least: My weird obsession with America these days. Do you ever get this I want to be at an American Highschool feeling?

My friends and I went to an American Diner and I was always like "I am at a Diner! I am at a Diner!" :D Haha.

This post was easy and fun to write. I hope I did not bore you to death and you would like to get in touch :))

Are you also obsessed with America? What sports do you do? Did your exams suck as well? I want to know everything. To get to know you & to make this blog FUN ♥
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