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I admit it. I have an obsession with fashion, cosmetics and skincare. I love dressing up, I love being a girly girl, but I also love doing well at university (at least I try to). 
I can sit at my desk for 3 hours, thinking about a chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses. I have read Ulysses (if you think that it is ridiculous to refer to a single book you have read, just look up Ulysses and you will see why I am proud).
Languages are amazing. If there was a course titled "we learn 20 languages and we read tons of great books & discuss them ", I'd take it. My favourite language is French, s'il vous plaît. I am currently working in France as an assistant teacher. Hurrey!

In a way, I am writing this blog for myself. I have this weird 90s generation need to express myself, plus blogging is a great way of remembering my time at university. But this blog is also for girls who are commonly told that they are 'nerds' or 'too motivated', like, excuse me, what does 'too motivated' mean? If you love something, go for it. If you are not satisfied with that B, work for that A. Don't let people tell you that you should be satisfied with whatever your current state is. I believe in doing what you love, but I also believe in pushing yourself.

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  1. total schöner text, wirklich!
    du hörst dich nach einer sehr interessanten und lieben Person an :)

    ganz viele grüße, Laura


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